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All You Should Know About P-Shot Treatment

P-Shot Treatment

P-Shot is a treatment that involves platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy. It is using your blood to improve your erection. In this treatment, doctors will take your blood and inject it into the penis. The tissues and cells in the blood will help promote the growth of new cells and tissues that will help maintain an erection. The most popular p-shot treatment is the Priapus Shot. This was introduced by Dr. Charles Runels. There are a few P-Shot near me treatments that provide claims of curing erectile dysfunction. You can find more here about this drug-free option to improve sexual function. There has been little research for the effectiveness and safety which is still under process.

The P-Shot is used to treat joint and muscle injuries and treat chronic health issues. This treatment line is still in an experimental stage. It is also used as an alternative treatment which includes lichen sclerosis, penis enhancement, Peyronie’s disease, orgasm enhancement, and other sexual performance and functions. The effectiveness of the treatment is still under the scanner. The reasons that the treatment improves ED is still unknown and all the more puzzling is why it does not work in a few others. Orgasms happen and may not happen.

The procedure will be effective when done by a trained doctor. It will be a costly treatment as no health insurance covers this cost. The average cost for one sitting of PRP therapy is $683. It does not include the cost of any other procedure like preparation, equipment, and facility care. To get this treatment, you need to consult the primary care provider first. It can be a urologist or a gynecologist. They will have some initial questions to find more about your condition. Most of them will look for naturally treating your condition by managing your lifestyle and prescription drugs.

Treatment like P-Shot will be recommended if your conditions do not improve. Your primary health care provider will help you get connected with a facility that offers PRP therapy. Since it is a treatment in the nascent stage, you should enquire more about the facility and its services. You should find if they are certified or licensed to provide this treatment. Enquire about their clients and their feedback. Check their website for more information, its costs, procedures, pictures, and any other information you need to know. Identify and enquire about the facility.

The P-Shot procedure is an outpatient treatment. You can have it done in a day. You might have to take a day off from work or keep your day free of any other appointment. You will have to go to the facility, get it done, and be out a little later. The procedure begins with applying a gel to numb the genitals. A blood sample is taken out from the arms. Platelet-rich plasma is isolated and extracted from the blood. This is then injected into the Gspot region around the clitoris or penile shaft.

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